«Systematic discrimination against minorities are mostly indicative of a general disrespect for human rights which sooner or later will also negatively affect members of the majority.»

Dr. Heiner Bielefeldt Former Special Rapporteur of the United Nations on Freedom of Religion and Belief, Professor of Human Rights and Human Rights Politics, University of Erlangen-Nürnberg

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The EU Ambassador Peter Sorenson and Secretary General of the AIDLR Dr. Liviu Olteanu had a follow up of their colaboration at Global Summit in Geneva and appreciated their colaboration

March 2017

Following the UN Panel on «Freedom of Religion or Belief: Toward an Agenda for Implementation» Dr. Liviu Olteanu, the Secretary General of the «International Association for the Defense of Religious Liberty (AIDLR)» reiterated his support to an EU agenda for implementation regarding freedom of religion or belief for all people.

At the end of that meeting the AIDLR Secretary Geneal had an exchange-views with His Excellency Ambassador Peter SORENSON, Head of EU Delegation to the UN in Geneva on previous and future colaboration between the AIDLR and EU delegation on Global Summit «Religion, Peace and Security» co-organized by the AIDLR and UN Office of Genocide Prevention and Responsibility to Protect, and that has been cosponsored politically and financially by the European Union too. Dr Liviu Oltenu thanked to the EU Ambassador at the United Nations for his continue support in favor of defense of freedom of religion or belief that remain challenged in many parts of the world. Also has been appreciated the international work of the AIDLR in favor of freedom of religion or belief.

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Photo: H.E. Ambassador Peter SORENSON, Head of EU Delegation to the UN in Geneva, and Dr. Liviu Olteanu, Secretary General of the AIDLR at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.